Saturday, June 26, 2010

Daylilies 2010~ Part Four

Daylily bloom season is past peak now in my zone 7b garden but not over by any means. Although some plants are through blooming there a still others that have yet to begin. Rain is getting precious again as summer really heats up fast. I have yet to hook up the sprinkler this year but will probably break down and do it this weekend if we get no showers.

This daylily ~ Kilauea ~ from Mahieu is classified as a ufo, crispate. The blooms are large and real presence in the garden.

Dream Catcher ~ from the late Ned Roberts. I love the shape and variability of these blooms.

From Gilbert Wild~ Painter's Splash

A classic spider from Rosemary Whitacre~ Red Rain

Jo Barbre Holman 1974 is a spidery double in a clear lemon yellow. An inexpensive choice for something a little different in a daylily.

Curt Hanson's Primal Scream is well named and unmistakable. I really must plant this one but can't decide where...

Flutterbye from Frank Childs~ I love it but wish it performed better for me.

A strong performer here~ Desperado Love from Stamile

After a couple of years to settle in On Silken Thread ,a Lambertson, is really showing off. Nice and tall.

I just noticed that Tinker's Gardens Database needs one of my many photos of Twister Time~ Pyne 1995 DOR Re. I can't remember if I ordered this one or if it was a bonus but it came from a Dan Bachman at Valley of the Daylilies where I found a good selection of spiders and unusual forms that are off the beaten path.

Smaller than parent Moonlit Masquerade(in my garden) but I'm sure a much better performer than its other ancestor Cleopatra is Dan Trimmer's Egyptian Queen. She has behaved more like a dainty diploid for me than a EV TET.

Another Valley of the Daylilies find was Lillian Kathleen by Fred Manning. A great performer for me~ she is elegant and tall with a large sculptural bloom.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend ~ Stay cool:)


  1. Oh my, I just drool everytime I read your postings on lilies. The Flutterby and Egyptian Queen. Gorgeous!

  2. Gorgeous daylilies, LW. Up here in the north, the daylily season is just beginning.