Monday, July 5, 2010

Holiday Snapshots in the Garden

Since the Fourth of July fell on Sunday this year it was really like just another day for me... other than the grilling of hamburgers for lunch and some celebratory adult beverages in the evening. Before heading off to work I thought I'd share some of the day in photos.

The garden is in a lull for blooms with daylily season almost over and many perennials on strike for lack of water and TLC from the gardener. Buddleia 'Potter's Purple' is the place to be for all of the butterflies in the neighborhood.

Old faithful Echinacea 'Magnus' is blooming now too. I never thought it would make it this many years but it is a true stalwart.

The Bronze Fennel contributing fireworks to the garden with the shape of its flowers and umbels.

For everyone who has this week as vacation~ Enjoy! (and for everyone else: hang in there,lol.)


  1. Beautiful pictures ! looking good in your garden, Gina

  2. My zinnias have actually been attracting as many butterflies as the buddleia right now. What beautiful pictures of your butterflies! And I love the bronze fennel.

  3. Too bad the holiday did not give you an extra day off. The butterflies are loving that buddleia. They are so pretty. Wonderful images of them.

  4. Every year I say I'm going to buy Bronze Fennel and every year I forget it! It really does look like little fireworks. :-)

  5. Glad you had a nice fourth! Carla