Saturday, June 19, 2010

Daylilies 2010 ~ Part 3

It's been quite a week here with bloom season still going strong. The days are so long now that by the time I finish deadheading and defogging the camera lens the sun is higher in the sky than I would like for it to be for shooting.

Spindazzle Wilson 1983 DIP SEV ext Mid Spider

The first year blooming for this one I think~
Spider Spirits Brown-E.W. 1987 DIP EV Re Mid

Raspberry Candy Stamile 1989 TET Dor Re Ext Early

Ra Hansen Talbott 1986 DIP Ev Re Early Mid

Pale Moon Windmill Crochet DIP Sev Re Early ufo Cascade

I've waited a couple of years for this one to start blooming. I planted it in the middle of my small bed because it was a favorite of mine~ at least in other people's photos.

Helaman Roberson 1981 DIP Ev Re ext Early Mid

These are the first blooms for me on this one too.

Dragon Flight Hansen, Dan 2003 TET Ev Re Early Mid

Bengali Princess Mahieu 2001 DIP Dor Early mid

So Many Stars Kaskel 1999 TET Ev Re Mid Late

For those of you who may be new to daylily love I'll share with you my reference for all of the stats on these daylilies.Tinker's Gardens daylily database is a treasure but be forewarned~ that many daylily photos have been known to lead to irrational lust for these addictive flowers.

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  1. They are really beautiful! I just have room for one in my little garden but wish I had more. I know what you mean about the shortness of the season. I'm just the same with my roses. It's not particularly hot here in the UK but much drier than usual and I can see that my roses aren't going to last much longer :-(