Saturday, June 12, 2010

Daylily Season 2010~ Part Two

The bloom season is in full swing and may be at peak now. Thank goodness there are some late season bloomers here since it would be depressing for it to end so soon. I don't feel like I've done the garden justice with my pics this year but I'm happy to share some of them.

Blue-eyed Butterfly ~ Lambertson 1996 TET sev ext Early Mid

Star Asterisk ~ Stamile 2002 TET ev re Early

Jolly Red Giant ~ Stamile 1999 TET ev re Early

Jan's Twister ~ J. Joiner DIP ev re Early mid

Galaxy Explosion ~ Burris 2003 DIP dor re Mid

Eyed Twister ~ Lambertson 2000 TET sev re Early mid

Moses' Fire ~ Joiner 1998 TET dor re Mid ~ This photo was taken very late in the day. The color is gorgeous when fresh in the mornings but the blooms don't open completely until I've already left for work.

Bela Lugosi ~ C. Hanson 1995 TET sev Mid ~ This is *the* finest dark daylily I have seen. Outstanding:)

As I sift through all of the pics I'll be posting more here. If you're already a daylily addict check out my daylily section on for some cool stuff made just for us.


  1. Just beautiful! Hope your weekend was nice. Carla

  2. Those are all gorgeous. They are beautiful flowers.

  3. Your daylilies look gorgeous. Yes a visit would be great, especially before 9am or after 7pm (it's been so brutally hot!!) The daylilies by the house are in full swing.

  4. I love painters splash...all so fantastic!

    Good pics and always a joy to see daylilies blooming. Summer is truly here now!