Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's the Most Wonderful Time: Daylilies Part 1

Daylily season is an exciting time in my garden. I open the back door every morning with anticipation to see what's blooming today. Due to an unbridled obsession with daylilies in 2007 I have loads of them both in the ground and still in the pots. Many I've never seen bloom and often they take turns with some blooming this year and others the next. Since the obsession has passed I no longer go around and check to see which ones have buds I simply enjoy each day as it comes.

Not untypically many of my first blooms where blotchy, ugly ducklings which is why you often see daylily pics classified as FFO- First Flower Open(of the season). Many are in full swing now though so lots of photos will be coming.

This small bed close to the house was my first. I never even tried to border any of the other freestanding beds since they are ever expanding. Over the years this one has evolved to be mostly daylilies and salvias.

'Wispy Rays' TET EvRe Mid Joiner 1998 ~ This is a favorite of mine.

'All Fired Up' TET EvRe Early Stamile 1996~ a reliable bloomer for me. This one hasn't taken the year off yet:)

'Chesapeake Crab Legs' DIP DorRe Ext Reed 1994 Early Mid Spider variant. This is FFO this year. Not in the small bed~ LOTS of buds:)

'Vintage Bordeaux' TET EvRe Ext Early- Kirchoff 1986~ This is a great dark daylily. It's tall, holds its color well and could be purchased inexpensively if you can find it.

Another view of the small bed with 'Kindly Light'(DIP Dor Ext Bechtold 1950) in the foreground and 'Bahama Butterscotch'(TET SevRe Salter 1990) behind it with Blue Oak Sage and 'Wispy Ray' backing it all up.

I'll be back with more of the show as soon as I have time. Until then, take a cue from Hemerocallis and live each day like it's the only one you've got~ life sure would be interesting if everyone did:)


  1. Hi. Your lilies are just so pretty. I love your dark Vintage Bordeaux lily. Just so pretty.

  2. Love your lilies! Have a wonderful weekend! Carla