Friday, March 26, 2010

Blooming Friday ~ Trees!

It really feels like Spring when the trees start flowering. Last Friday I posted pics of Weeping Cherry and Bradford Pear flower buds. The next day was very warm and both trees started blooming.

The graceful cherry

The hellebore still has blooms and plenty of plump flower buds waiting their turn.

Lorapetalum 'Ruby' has the most bloom buds this year that I've ever seen. A couple of flowers were open deep in the foliage. I'm not sure if the flowers will open in procession or all at once.

Our hostess Katarina at Roses and Stuff asked if we were enjoying anything pink. I guess the last two bloom pics were pinkish so~ yes. The pink that I've enjoyed the most this week though did not come from blooms. I broke my shades probably a month ago and since it has been so gloomy I had not bothered to replace them until our beautiful sunny day last Saturday. I have to say that the world really does look better through rose colored glasses:)


  1. Beautiful! Inspiring blooms..I am smitten with photo!! You are magical!

  2. Great photos! I love the blooms that are all around this time of year! Carla

  3. I so look forward to our Cherries blooming! Lovely blooms!

  4. Is your Weeping Cherry still kind of a shy bloomer?

    I like the shots of the Hellebore and the Pear. They look lovely.

  5. Thanks! Yes, the Weeping Cherries are still shy bloomers. This is the best year yet for the one that bloomed first. The second one still only has a tiny scattering this year. I'll have to do another post on just them.

  6. Heisann!
    Thank you for giving us a taste of spring!
    Wish you a happy Easter!

  7. Trees in bloom are so magnificient! Lovely pictures!