Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bloom Day~ March 2010

I'm very happy to be participating once again in the Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. I don't have many different blooms but I'll gladly share them. We've had some great mild days and the garden is coming alive again~ like Phoenix rising from the ashes since I haven't finished Spring cleaning yet.

Helleborus foetidus is still sporting her green bells with raspberry trim. The foliage is a beautiful contrasting dark green. This is not your typical cottage garden plant but I find it beautiful nonetheless.

The foliage can be seen in this photo.

This Forsythia was grown from cuttings from the bush that has grown at my Mom's house since sometime in the 1970's. Forsythia is very easy to root from softwood cuttings- probably the reason for a fellow garden blogger's "Hedge". This first photo is of the handsome fall foliage.

Can't you just feel how beautiful it was on Saturday?

The hybrid hellebore has made its grand opening. This is a passalong and probably not a named cultivar or strain~ if so I'm unaware of it. I do like the dramatic dark mauve blooms.

To see what's blooming in gardens near and far visit Carol at
May Dreams Gardens.


  1. Good morning. What a beautiful hellebore. Forsythia is always such a cherry start to spring blooming. I did not know they were easy to propagate.

  2. Your Forsthyia is way ahead of mine. Mine doesn't seem to have any fall color, which is a bummer.

    Lovely wine-colored Hellebore.

  3. Little Wing, That gorgeous yellow against the blue sky is why Hedge is still in the garden! They root so easily that anyone can come and snip pieces of Hedge anytime they want any...Love your deep purple hellebores. I am hoping that some of the little baby hellebores will have crossed and I will have variations on a theme in spring to come! Thanks for the link!!!...Happy GBBD! gail

  4. aloha,
    what a beautiful combination of plants and flowers for bloom day...i love the wine colored hellebores. thanks for sharing your garden today!

  5. Little Wing your red hellebore looks a lot like the huge plant we brought from Meg's yard it must have 20 blooms on it. Your blue sky does indeed look like our Carolina Blue skies!