Friday, April 2, 2010

Blooming Friday~ Good Friday too

After the sixth coldest winter recorded at RDU Airport Spring is moving along at a rapid pace. In two weeks we went from buds to blooms to almost fully leafed out on the Weeping Cherry trees.

This pink dogwood tree is planted very close to the house on the north side. The flowers are just opening~ this is our Easter tree since it's almost always in bloom on Easter no matter when it falls on the calendar. The shady location makes it really hard to get good photos but I try and try again.

The Red Maple is in bloom. This tree is young enough to be able to see them closeup.

The epimediums are also hard to capture because of their small size and location- I backed right into all kinds of limbs while getting these shots.

This is the fullest display that I've ever had from the Veronica 'Georgia Blue'. It was moved here a couple of years ago and was hidden under the Muhly grass pretty much until this year.

I've never seen a display like this on from my young Loropetalum. It must have enjoyed all of the rain.

The hellebore is winding down but has a very good year.

I've done alot of organizing over at Little Wing Photography & Design. I'd love for you to visit!

This is the last Bloomimg Friday to be hosted by Katarina at Roses and Stuff. Be sure to visit and bookmark her beautiful blog.

Happy Easter!


  1. Wow, it's true that it was a rather miserable winter, but I'm a little surprised it's the 6th coldest. I think it's because I can still remember the winter of 76/77. The 33 acre lake behind our house was frozen for over a month!

    We had some high water the morning after the rain (full ditch, a portion driveway near the old house site under water), but that was gone by 10 am. I think there wasn't all that much rain west of us.

    I love your Epimediums and wine-colored Hellebore. Have a good weekend and Happy Easter!

  2. Looks like spring has sprung! My loropetalums are very full this year too! Hope you have a wonderful Easter. Carla

  3. Your spring blooms are beautiful! You did well with the dogwood and epimediums. We sometimes have to be a contortionist to get good shots, don't we?
    Happy spring and a blessed Easter to you!