Monday, March 8, 2010

Who am I? and other stuff

Spring is right around the bend now and thankfully we have mild temps on the forecast for the next few days. I have tons of work to do in the garden since I haven't really done any this year. A short survey on Saturday found nothing new in bloom since my last post. The hybrid hellebore will open its flowers soon and the Forsythia is in full yellow bud. The main thing that I see when I look out there is~ yikes!~ the ornamental grasses need attention NOW. I love grasses but truly hate the mess that they can make, especially Miscanthus 'Cabaret'

See what I mean?

The reason for the title of this post is this little tuft of grass. Does anyone recognize it? I have a clump of Nasella tenuissima, Mexican Feather Grass or Silky Thread Grass about 3 or 4 feet away. I have not had reseeding from it before to my knowledge but could this be my first? For scale reference the plants surrounding it are common tiny winter weeds.

And now for something completely different~ photo play! This first image is of the winter stems of garlic chives( when do those seeds germinate, btw? That was a big oops.)I used a filter here.

Rudbeckia triloba seedheads~ what should have been my Feb GGW Photo Contest entry for winter light. A different filter used here as well.

I've been having alot of fun with those scripts that I mentioned in my last post. Like giving this garden bunny's fur some rich new highlights...

and making those same garlic chives look sophisticated in bloom...

A fairy tale glow for the Ruellia buds...

and softening this October garden scene.

For these scripts and more visit I purchased the whole collection but many of the individual scripts can be downloaded for free.


  1. I like the October garden scene picture. Very nice.

    The small clump of grass looks like Mexican Feather Grass (looks like they've changed the name, which is unfortunate, because Stipa is easy to remember!).

  2. I was hoping the grass was Mexican Feather Grass. I'm not sure how long lived it is and the mother clump is a few years old now.

    The October garden picture was done using the High Key script.

  3. What a fun post~I've been playing around in my photo archives, what a joy to see old friends. What I don't like about grasses in late winter is the clean up~the blades blow all over the garden. gail