Friday, March 19, 2010

Blooming and Almost Blooming Friday~the late, late edition

It has been a beautiful day in my part of North Carolina, the kind of Friday that you dream of having off from work. Alas to work I went after taking photos up until the last minute before dressing to leave. I've finally stole enough time to share them here for my first Blooming Friday of 2010.

Katarina at roses and stuff asks us this Friday what photo means Summer the most to us. This picture from June 2008 in my garden is one of my favorite summer images~ Daylily 'Twister Time' with liatris and Salvia 'Black and Blue' in the background.

Presently I have nothing new blooming since my last post. The hybrid hellebore is still blooming. I was blocking the sun in this first shot so I decided to give it a glow to brighten it up a bit.

Same hellebore backlit.

The Forsythia is in full on bloom.

and the Helleborus foetidus is still hanging in there.

For the ~almost blooming~ part I have Prunus subhirtella, Weeping Cherry...

and daffs in the shade(!)...

and the ubiquitous 'Bradford' Callery Pear.

This last blossom is maturing at an alarming rate~ at least it seems that way to her caretaker;) Meike is starting to look like a little Pom instead of a fur ball. Here she is on the deck this morning, on the move...

and looking out at the garden that she is just learning her way around...

Happy Blooming Friday- well almost, I think I may have missed it by a smidge,lol.


  1. Meike is precious and your Hellebore photos are stunning. Striking light!

  2. Hellebores do look different on bright light. Sometimes I find it hard to photograph the dark ones. It is lovely when more and more Spring flowers start opening as the weather warms up. Now I am looking forward to Summer!

  3. Such beauty..and a joyful spirit in all your photos! I always admire the radiant light you have to all your photos..stunning!

  4. The shot with the backlit hellebore is fantastic! Happy spring!

  5. That's a great picture for summer. I love the dusky pink of the daylily.

  6. Little Wing, My favorite daylilies are the spider forms, so your summer photo speaks to me! Lovely, lovely spring bloom, too! gail