Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Morning Sauna

It's been a rainy week so far and I didn't even go outside on Monday and Tuesday mornings but necessity took me outside this morning and I couldn't help but look around. Through the morning mist I could see the showy blooms calling me. I thought- of all mornings to see such pretty blooms~ such unfavorable conditions. So I took the camera out to the garage to adjust to the outside temps and left it for as long as I could while I did other morning things. As soon as I stepped out of the shelter of the garage the camera lens fogged. I had no time to waste so I decided that I would take the pictures anyway- maybe the lens would defog before I was done. The backyard sauna prevailed and these are my offerings.

The approach~

'Red Flyer' Hibiscus with a surprise bloom- just when i think it's done.


regular hazy image

My attempt at salvaging one of the Canna 'Journey's End' shots

Full Haze

Daylily 'Cripple Creek'~ I have one more bud after this one.

One last shot before I'm off to work. Still foggy but at least I tried.


  1. I love the effect! My photo program offers that foggy! Love your beautiful flowers~~the day lilies especially. gail

  2. Beautiful foggy images! It really was just like a sauna yesterday.

  3. Well hello Little Wing! I'm always happy to meet another blogger and one so close is a treat. I see you and SweetBay have found each other already. There are many others too. I am actually on my way to NC soon and looking forward to it. I must say I like your foggy pictures. The first time this happened to me I had no idea what the problem was! Duh me:)

    I was looking around here and I must say I really like that white beauty berry you have. Such nice combos. And good luck entering your miscanthus photo. It looks like a winner to me!

  4. Super - I'd have believed you'd done it on purpose. Found you through Blotanical - hope you enjoy the site.

  5. Great pics including the fog. One would think it was on purpose. It does something to the main object. Very nice indeed.