Monday, September 21, 2009


Even though Autumn is a wonderful season in NC the shortening days have a way of bringing on the blues. I decided the best way to combat them on this Monday morning is to look for the beauty in the season.

Daylily 'Cripple Creek' is still going.

Viburnum 'Emerald Luster' and White American Beautyberry

Rudbeckia triloba

Mexican Bush Sage

More blooms from 'Journey's End'

Japanese Beautyberry

Miscanthus 'Cabaret' towers above it all.


  1. I think you've found it! It's been so rainy and cloudy here that the blues have descended, maybe we ought to call them the grays! Your flowers are gorgeous! I am hoping the sun returns and the fall blooming salvia get to blooming and looks as good as your Mexican Sage. The daylily has a wonderful color and form. gail

  2. That's a wonderful daylily. My last ones finished up weeks ago.

    I love the metallic blue berries on the Viburnum, and your beautiful Mexican Bush Sage reminds me that I must get more next year.

  3. The thought of the coming winter gives me the blues too, but what better way to push them aside? There certainly is plenty of beauty in the season, and you still have lots of lovely blooms.
    I love the beautyberries, and what a treat to still have a daylily blooming!
    Journey's End is gorgeous. I don't recognize it. I'm sure you named it in an earlier so perhaps I'll wander back a bit further and see if I can find it.
    We have R. triloba in common :)
    The Mexican sage is so pretty, and you have a way with those grass pictures. Great shots!
    Like Gail, we had a gray day here as well and rain is predicted for tomorrow. Come on sunshine!

  4. To keen and appreciative eyes, there is always beauty anywhere, anytime!.... Cheers, ~bangchik

  5. You have posted wonderful picture of flowers that made me bloom here for a very long time. Keep it up the good work.