Wednesday, September 2, 2009

First Day of September 2009

After a hot weekend and a gloomy Monday the first day of September dawned to one of those perfect fall weather days. The air was crisp and the sky beautifully clear. It was gut wrenching to get dressed and leave for work but it had to be done.

I started Salvia transylvanica from seeds a few years ago and it has reseeded around my garden nicely since. The main bloom is usually in Spring but I have sporadic blooms throughout the season. This one has the "wings" of an Asclepias seed captured at the bottom of the bloom stalk.

A wide view.

Pretty when blooming but one to be watched. I've managed to keep the Garlic Chives from reseeding for a few seasons now.

Cameron at Defining Your Home Garden had an article featuring Feather celosia- Celosia spicata- Fluff and Stuff. This is the foliage of one of mine that has reseeded for a few years here.

I finally planted Salvia greggii 'California Sunset' this weekend. Here it is in the garden with a visiting bee.

For some reason my Abutilon megapotamicum stays small even though it's had a few years to settle in. I still like it in this location though and think I'll try another plant elsewhere to see how it fares. The bunnies love to nibble the stems in cold weather and may be the reason it's stunted.


  1. The weather is magnificent, isn't it? Someone told me this years ago about NC weather: "Just when you think you can't stand it anymore, it gets better." She spent all day outside so she really meant it. I was about at the end of my rope with the heat and humidity.

    I love Salvia transylvanica too. Such a lovely color. Your garden is looking great. 'California Sunset' is well-named -- what a beautiful shade of apricot.

  2. It's been unseasonably cool here in Nebraska. We had a record low of 42 two nights ago. The previous record low was 47 degrees F.

    I have celosias like yours that reseed, also. I like your other photos, too.