Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day~ Another First

Until very recently my blog posts have been erratic and I have not attempted to participate in the Garden Bloggers community. I'm very happy to be posting my first GBBD!

Salvia 'San Carlos Festival' is finally putting on a show in my garden. It has barely bloomed through the growing season saving it all for a fabulous Fall Season~ I hope.

Salvia uliginosa, Bog Sage, has been a workhorse this year.

Garlic Chives are still pretty and attract all sorts of pollinators.

Buddleia 'Potter's Purple'- the first full year in the garden and I love it!

Caryopteris incana, Blue Mist.


Anisicanthus quadrifidus var wrighttii

Miscanthus 'Cabaret'

Visit May Dreams Gardens for more about Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.


  1. Oooh... I'm glad that you decided to participate! these are beautiful pics--and I'm sooo jealous of that caryopteris. The dark stems on that one really make it eye-catching.

    And the salvia! I think I need more salvia after seeing your post... :)

  2. Ahh, that Miscanthus 'Cabaret' shot ought to be submitted to Gardening Gone Wild's photo contest. It's lovely. I'm still waiting for my passalong garlic chives to bloom. I hope they attract as many pollinators as yours have.

  3. Beautiful pictures for Bloom Day! I especially like the Miscanthus shot -- it reminds me of Sea Oats at the beach, only daintier.

  4. Love the miscanthus photo! Lovey visitors to your blooming flowers. Happy GBBD. H.

  5. I see I'm not the only one who likes the grass photo the best. I'm thinking the contest Pam talked about has grasses for a theme this time. You should check it out.

    I like your other blooms, too. Great first GBBD post! (Thanks for your comment on mine, too.)

  6. Beautiful photos! I agree with Pam and Sue--you really should submit the miscanthus photo to this contest; it is stunning. Good to see all the "critters" fluttering about your blooms. And I do love your header!

  7. Almost forgot--glad you joined in on Bloom Day this time. I hope you'll keep participating!

  8. My fav of these is the Miscanthus 'Cabaret'. Very beautiful shot. Your garden must be a wonderland of subtlety.

  9. Happy First GBBD post! Lovely blooms and I too am struck by your Miscanthus shot... captures a rather universal feeling of grass.

  10. Hi Littlewing, thanks for stopping by my blog. Its a joy visiting your blog, your butterfly photos are beautiful. Most of the flowers in your garden are quite exotic to me!
    Thanks for sharing

  11. Thanks everyone for your comments! I think I will enter the Miscanthus photo in the contest:)

  12. Hi Littlewing.
    Your photos are wonderful and you have some gorgeous blooms for your first Bloom Day.
    I love your header...so pretty...and all the "little winged" critters on your flowers. Beautifully captured.
    I have a growing fascination with Salvias and must try more of them.
    Do you get many hummers visiting that pretty Hummingbird Bush?
    Good luck with your Miscanthus photo. It's a beauty!
    Thanks for visiting and saying hello. Nice to "meet" you :)