Saturday, September 12, 2009

Camera Critters~ A Dog's Day

September 11, 2001 is a day that will remembered forever for a terrible act of terrorism. It was also my sweet little dog's very first birthday. Here he is on his
9th birthday.


The Wax Myrtles in the garden are home to Mockingbirds. They watch over everything I do out there,lol.

I took lots of butterfly pics over the holiday weekend. I like this one of a Black Swallowtail for its different angle.

And another couple of bunny pics from this AM:)


What's up?

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  1. you have lots of camera critters. happy birthday to your little cute dog.

  2. your photos are so cute, i love them all.

  3. Happy Birthday Chewy!! It's nice to have something positive on a day that saddens the world!

  4. What great shots. Chewy is a real cutie.

  5. Chewy is very very cute. Does he like to be squeezed, because he looks like he should be squeezed.

    Beautiful butterfly shot, and the bunnies are cute even if they eat stuff.

  6. The attitude of this bunny is so darn cute! Great capture.
    Love all your beautiful flowers also.

  7. I just popped over to say thanks for the fave. Much appreciated :) And I couldn't leave without checking out a couple more of your posts. Happy belated birthday to chewy. He's so cute! :) Wonderful shots of the mockingbird and bunnies, but that black swallowtail is a fantastic shot. Yes, such a great angle. It's too bad bunnies nibble plants. They're awfully cute :)