Friday, August 14, 2009

This and That

Summer seems to be flying by me this year. I've spent precious little time in the garden this year but I'm glad that I take at least a few minutes almost every morning to capture what is happening there.

I have been less than pleased at times with Yucca 'Golden Sword' but it's looking pretty good at the moment. This enhanced photo shows it on the left with Verbena aff.xutha~ I call it Porterweed~ in the foreground. This is one of those garden views that is hard to capture just right in a photo but is pleasing to my eye as I walk around it.

The rugose texture of the leaves of Salvia madrensis~ new to me and planted recently.

Crape myrtles are such workhorses in this part of NC that they are often taken for granted by the locals. This is 'Natchez'. My pot ghetto habit has resulted in this one rooting in next to my deck so the flowers are front and center every time I step out my back door.

Bursting seed pod of Butterfly Weed~ Asclepias tuberosa

This Brugmansia has refused to die and rooted through its container which was left to the elements over the last 2 winters next to the foundation of the house in a very exposed location. This spider~ Green Lynx?~ was stationed at eye level on this trumpet and is probably still there days later.

The Perennial Heliotrope is beginning to look a little untidy but the small butterflies still love it.


  1. simply beautifully captured shots....awesome!

  2. I really like the photo of the Green Lynx Spider on the Brug -- very nice!