Friday, August 28, 2009

Blooming Friday- My First

Some of my favorite blooms as requested by Katarina.

I wasn't sure I would even see bloom this year from Canna 'Journey's End' so I'm happy to see these flowers.

Hibiscus grandiflorus is a real treat when it starts blooming in August.

Zephyranthes 'Grandjax' has been a frequent bloomer for me in its first year in my garden. I LOVE rain lilies and these were a generous gift from a friend.

This Caryopteris incana is another victim of my pot ghetto habit but it has survived when others planted out in the garden have not. I have terrible luck with Caryopteris so I'm thrilled to have this one return again this year.

Thank you Katarina at roses and stuff for hosting Blooming Friday:)


  1. What lovely and beautiful flowers you are showing. I wounder where your garden is situated? You must have a warm climate.

  2. So many lovely flowers.. nice, very nice.. =). Have nice weekend.. Moa

  3. Hi Lillebeth! Thank you:) I garden in North Carolina, US~ Hardiness zone 7b. I will change my profile to include that information.

  4. Lovely flowers Shari! I love the picotee on 'Journey's End', and the blue-violet of the Blue Mist Shrub. What time of year have you planted out the BMS?

  5. I've usually planted in fall. I really like the leaves of C. incana and want to try it again out in the garden.

  6. I've never grown Caryopteris. They look so pretty in photos but I don't think they would do well in my zone 4/5 garden. Your canna bloom is really nice. Another plant I'd love to grow but the Japanese beetles destroy the blooms and the leaves.