Monday, August 10, 2009

Tender Gifts

It's no secret that gardeners are among the most generous people on the planet. Given the opportunity they will gladly share plants with others. Having said this I can also clue you in on two reasons that this is so- compulsive plant collecting and propogation. I have fell victim to both and it does make you very generous~ Here take this, please! The internet opened up for gardeners a whole new avenue for this ailment: Plant Swaps. Gardening forums have made it easy to organize these events and to even prearrange plant trades so that you know you'll be coming home with new treasures before you even leave home. The following plants came from an event organized through the Dave's Garden Carolinas forum. If you've never been to one I highly recommend it. It's like a family reunion only better because you have an interesting topic of conversation built right in.

I have limited experience with tender tropicals or houseplants. When my cats were young they would eat any plant I brought inside indescriminately so I just didn't try to grow any until recently. This is the first bloom from my first Cape Primrose~ Streptocarpus 'Falling Stars'. Upon researching I see that there are many hybrids available and collecting could be a definite possibility- if I can get this one to live through at least one winter indoors:)

I have added 2 more photos to do better justice to this tiny little flower.

This one was in bloom and gorgeous the day That I brought it home: Adenium obesum, Desert rose. I have a little more confidence in the prospect of overwintering this succulent indoors but still, wish me luck,lol.


  1. I first saw Adenium on a Swedish blog. The flowers are beautiful!

  2. I used to grow lots of house-plants like African Violets. The Streptocarpus, its soft blue is lovely. The Desert roses are delightful but divas in my climate. I had a beautiful specimen. I was away and the diva was left in the rain, got wet feet and snuffed it without ceremony. Now my neighbour and gardening enthusiast has presented me with a new, tiny one. It is growing and I am very careful now with her delicate feet. I think otherwise they are quite tough, to much water they do not like at all. I hope yours does well and will grow to a very big specimen and give you much pleasure with its gorgeous flowers.