Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fun with Garden Photos

I enjoy working with garden photos as much as I enjoy gardening. When I was going thru this week's photo files for blogworthy images I couldn't help but have some fun with them. This particular method of digital enhancement is currently my favorite and I would welcome opinions on it from fellow Garden Bloggers.

This is Japanese Beautyberry which has just taken on its full purple berry color this week. I did not cut this bush back at all from last season and it's ahead of my other one even though it gets less sun. The first photo has been adjusted for brightness/contrast only with a touch of sharpening.

This is my Arbor Day Foundation (noid) Crape Myrtle that is just beginning to bloom well. It's always a late bloomer. Same adjustments were made to the first photo.

I admit to not having spent alot of time grooming plants this year so you probably won't see many wide landscape shots posted here but I liked the way this turned out~ no weeding or tweaking required:)


  1. Am I a dud if I say that the contrast is a bit much for me? I like what the changes did with the landscape shot.

  2. Not at all a dud! The first two images are done at extremes for that effect. Any feedback is appreciated:)