Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Very Pink

The overcast skies of the last couple of days have made it very apparent that I have alot of pink blooming in the garden right now. some of it is eye popping, screaming pink actually,lol. I grew this Salvia greggii from seeds shared by a generous California salvia collector. It's been here for a couple years now and does seem to improve with age.

I acquired this Penstemon 'Elfin Pink' in my very first mail trade a few years back.

I have some more subdued pinks blooming as well but will share those next post- took some great pics this morning but had no time to prepare them for this post. The Rugosa rose is beautiful now:) Of course the perfect compliment to pink is purple...

'Titan's Glory'- my first ever blooms from a division I planted in summer of 2008

Another wonderful iris from Nancedar~ this one has smaller blooms than the one from Carla

I've never really noticed this Yaupon in bloom before. It's 'Shadow's Female' and it's really thriving now after quite a few years of settling in~ should be plenty of berries this year.

I accepted a few Campanula 'Cherry Bells' from a friend last summer thinking that maybe my dryish conditions would keep it in check. Apparently the bunnies find it quite tasty at the stage just prior to blooming:(

And here's one of the satisfied customers now...

I wanted to share with you some freebies I have to offer on my other blog
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Happy Tuesday! back to work...:(


  1. Your greggii salvia is so pretty. You have some gorgeous irises too. I had one bloom yesterday. LOL! Maybe more this week.

  2. Enjoyed to brilliant color of Titan's Glory. Sorry about those pesky rabbits

  3. Beautiful flowers and cute bunny, even if they are pesky. Carla