Saturday, May 15, 2010

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day~ May 2010

This month's GBBD finds the garden parched. Some plants have gone on strike while a few stalwarts keep keeping on. My garden is high and dry and I haven't used the sprinkler at all so far this year. I was pleasantly surprised to see some daylily scapes have appeared also. If we don't get rain soon it will really put a damper on daylily season:(

And the bunny says...

I've gotten only two new plants this Spring~ Pineapple Sage and
'Diamond Frost' Euphorbia. I just love the airy & delicate blooms plus it'll take some abuse.

A short Nigella next to a Sedum whose name I've forgotten

Arachnid camouflage at work on the Blanket Flower

The second generation of this Sweet William is all white. I had never grown this before last year. All of my dianthus have born single blooms per stem.

There are a few holdouts on the last Siberian clump.

Salvia 'San Carlos Festival' is blooming in one location but not others.

I have a couple of variations of Larkspur blooming. Peak bloom hasn't come yet:)

Rudbeckia triloba blooms somewhere in the garden the whole season.

Lychnis coronaria with Asclepias tuberosa in the center getting ready to bloom. I need to pull all of the Lychnis very soon~ it has reached critical mass here and must be stopped. It even grows in the lawn!

My azaleas always wait until May to bloom. These were planted as foundation shrubs by the builder and I would love to replace them one day~ this photo is flattering.

Salvia 'Christine Yeo' is not a heavy bloomer but I like the overall habit of the plant.

Viburnum bracteatum 'Emerald Luster' ~ it bears repeating that if you want a full sun Viburnum in the south then this one is worth tracking down.

Open flowers on my one and only Knifophia bloom:)I hope that this clump will be a sleep/leap one for me.

Happy garden Blogger's Bloom Day to all of you! To see what's blooming in gardens all around the world visitMay Dreams Gardens.


  1. Beautiful photos, thanks so much for the post ! Gina

  2. I've been hearing that it is dry where you are. We've gotten a lot of rain this spring, it seems. Love your bloom pics and your restraint in only getting two new plants this spring.

  3. Beautiful. You have a lot blooming right now. Carla

  4. Beautiful pictures of the Larkspur. It's wonderful that it's finally raining isn't it?!

  5. very late! But I love Christine Yeo salvia and can one ever have enough viburnums! Ouch on the yellow jacket stings~gail