Wednesday, May 12, 2010

First and Last

I've had some firsts since my last post~ one good and one bad plus some ffo's for this year. My bad first was digging up a yellow jacket's nest. It could have been much worse since only one yellow jacket got a couple of stings in through my sweats. Having never been stung by one I didn't realize that the pain gets worse instead of better as time goes by. I proceeded to pull a few more weeds cautiously on the other side of the bed until I finally understood that I'd better look after that sting now! Ouch!

My good first ever is this bloom on a Knifophia that was shared with me by a friend who grew it from seed 2 years ago. Of two non hybrid Knifophias that I've planted this is the first to grace me with a bloom. The fancy one from Plant Delights Nursery bloomed one year but took last year off too. I love the symmetry, color and uniqueness of the blooms.

I have an abundance of Nigella- Love in a Mist- this year.

Self seeded Larkspur

Delosperma- Ice Plant

This Salvia is very similar to 'Indigo Spires' and may be but I recieved it as an unknown division.

Verbena/porterweed look alike

Penstemon- Eastern Smooth Beardtongue

New growth on Cryptomeria japonica 'Globosa Nana'- still very nana

The bright clean new growth of Illicium parviflorum- Small Anise Tree

My only rose in the garden- a rugosa from Sweetbay which I am enjoying tremendously this year.

I have a hard time getting a good shot of this Geranium sanguineum which is settling in after a couple of years in this spot. I love this plant!

And now for the "last" part of the post. I don't think there will be many more Iris pictures this year. Unless I'm shocked by a second bloom stalk these are my last blooms from 'Titan's Glory'

The Iris virginca- Blue Flag Iris is not having a very good year. This first bloom has been the only one worth taking a photo of.

I have three clumps of Siberian irises from three different sources. This is the last one to bloom. It is completely engulfed by Chrysanthemum 'Sheffield Pink' and probably needs a bit of attention. I was happy to see blooms this year as I would not have been surprised if it went on strike.

I don't know if I'll get around to another post by Garden Bloggers Bloom Day or not. I am woefully behind in my garden maintenance but I do love to play on the web!


  1. So sorry to hear of your stings. Hope that was a first and last in that catagory. Your blooms are beautiful. Carla

  2. Your Rose is just gorgeous. I think the Nigella flowers are such interesting plants. I love the airy growth of them plus blue blooms makes them winners.LOL! Yellow Jackets are the meanest bees. I am glad you only got one sting. My mom is allergic to them so we have to watch out for them around her.I hope it was your first and last sting by them.

  3. Ugh. Yellow Jackets are the worst, so aggressive. The only consolation is that it wasn't as horrible as it could have been. One of my BILs got 50 stings from a nest that was in a mattress in a family homestead that wasn't lived in anymore.

    My Iris virginica are suffering too. Do you reckon it'll ever rain again? I don't think it's rained here for a month, literally.

    I really like the new format of your blog, it looks great.

  4. This is my first time to your lovely blog and I will return. I love your Nigella, and your iris are wonderful as is that lovely rose from SweetBay. Her gardens always leave me ooohing and aaahing. You know don't you, that you can't just have one rose. They are addicting.

    Enjoy the loveliness around you and have a nice day today.