Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Growth, New Links

Everything seems new again when the garden comes to life in Spring. Fresh leaves, wildflowers...

I've been busy with new growth of my own. In the past couple of weeks I have added a new blog~Little Wing Photography & Design, a Facebook Fan Page , and my very own domain littlewingphotoanddesign.com. My website still needs alot of work but I'm one step in the right direction(baby steps...).

Tell me what you think about this new blog template and/or all of the above links. I'd love to hear your opinions:)

Facebook Fan Page


  1. Gorgeous flowers. The .com is looking great. I need to get on one of those, but it's just too intimidating.

  2. Beautiful spring images. I have some Blue Toadflax again this year and wish everything was covered with it -- it's lovely and graceful and a good butterfly host.

  3. PS I couldn't see your .com, but I really like your second blog.

  4. beautiful flora in wonderful photos!
    : )