Monday, September 6, 2010

A Welcome Reprieve

After a wicked hot summer this Labor Day Weekend was a breath of fresh air~ literally. Blue skies, wispy clouds...

...a relaxing breeze...

What have we here?

A perfect perch!

'Cripple Creek' still going...

Some fresh new blooms on the Dianthus.

and a return to more summer like weather today.

A wonderful three day weekend♥


  1. It was beautiful, wasn't it? And your photos capture it so well. Love that Cripple Creek!

  2. Great captures! Really wonderful

  3. It has been a hot summer, hasn't it? Still hot but not humid anymore.

    Your Stipa looks wonderful. I'm pretty sure mine is all dead now. Gorgeous shot of Cripple Creek.

  4. Hello! I see you've had a hot summer too. Our weather has cooled considerably...much too fast for me...but we're being treated to beautiful, sunny weather so far this week.
    I absolutely love your hummingbird photo! I saw a juvenile yesterday on the Butterfly Bush! What a nice surprise. Thought they were all gone.
    Gorgeous butterfly photo too.
    I'm amazed at your "Cripple Creek" daylily. It has real staying power!
    Your photos are really beautiful! Lovely to catch up with you.