Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August's End

This August has been a month to remember in my personal life and although I don't have much of a subject for this post on the gardening front the simple recording of images- moments in time are comforting and worth sharing.

My last post had a teaser image of rebloom on one of my favorite performers~ Hibiscus 'Red Flyer' has returned for an encore.

My Energizer Bunny analogy for Daylily 'Cripple Creek' is still dead on. It's the only daylily in the garden that's even thinking about blooming right now.

The white form of American Beautyberry is at its brief peak for berry viewing.

This enthusiastic member of the Ipomea clan is trying to claim it's territory in a young Curly Willow.

Since I've learned how to create textures for use in Photoshop from my own photos I've been even more aware than I am normally of this attribute in the garden. The Georgia Aster has always been a favorite for its form~ here it is gearing up to bloom.

And the wabi sabi award for texture goes to this photo of fuzzy yucca seedpods with lovely bokeh.

Bring on September!


  1. Beautiful photos. I welcome September as well. Carla

  2. My grandma has a Hibiscus plant in her yard, I love them. :) Hope you have a great month ahead!

  3. Lovely images. I am celebrating the end of August as well!

  4. Cripple creek is a beauty~ gail

  5. I hope you all right. I agree, Cripple Creek is a beauty!