Friday, October 1, 2010

And then it rained...

It's been quite a while since my last update on the garden. September turned back to hot and dry after Labor Day weekend and the garden was just looking sort of pitiful. I took a few pictures a week ago on Friday and a couple more Sunday morning since I can't bear not to take ANY pictures.

This is Miscanthus 'Cabaret' on the 24th just coming into full bloom.

I never finished the cleanup from last year in the big bed- especially in the center where goldenrod, wild ageratum and the Turk's Cap reside.

I transplanted this Celosia spicata in the thick of summer from where it self seeded next to the house. Out of three that I moved this is the first to bloom. The burgandy foliage makes the seedlings easy to identify and save from being weeded out(although that's not nearly the problem it used to be here:~).

I couldn't resist the buds on my biggest clump of Georgia Aster~ can't wait for them to open.

This~ as all of the above ~ was taken on the 24th with at least a couple more buds. One bloomed in the rain yesterday.

The only highlight to the Sunday morning pics was this wild Morning Glory since I was soon distracted and then...

******IT RAINED!!!!!!!!*********

heavily as you can see by this sprawled out version of the same Miscanthus 'Cabaret'

and the saturated deck boards under Meike during one of the few times she's been able to go out this week.

I really wish I had a rain gauge but suffice it to say we got alot,lol. Maybe I'll see some open blooms from the Swamp Sunflower this weekend:)

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  1. Your garden looks lovely and I love the photo of the georgia aster buds...Do they look rich! Glad for your rain...please send some here. gail