Monday, August 9, 2010

The Garden in a Different Light

The majority of my garden photos have been taken in the mornings. For years I was up and out every am to see what I could see and water the hoardes of potted plants. As I have creeped ever deeper into the world of web enterprise the frequency of my morning outings has changed. My fresh morning mind is directed to the task at hand~ monitoring blogs, posting products, promoting in any way that I can without spending money. All of this has added up to less and less photos being taken in the past month or so. As luck would have it I was in the right place yesterday(at home) at the right time(5ish in the afternoon) with camera in hand to capture a few new photos of the garden. I guess I needed a different perspective to inspire me.

Signs of recent rains can be found in fresh growth.

I have really enjoyed my Arbor Day Foundation Crape Myrtle this year. It was a slight bloomer until the past year or two. This has been the kind of summer here in the Carolinas that makes you appreciate these trees that are so often taken for granted by those of us who have known them all of their lives.

The faithful Rudbeckia triloba has been joined by the little Lantana 'Miss Huff' that could:) I thought I had removed her years ago but she has a strong will to live in the wilds of Rudbeckia and Blue Love Grass(2 heavy self seeders for me)

Daylily 'Volcan Fuego' is not for the faint of heart or the pastel garden but it's a great late season performer nonetheless~ Pretty strong color for a daylily in the late afternoon.

The Japanese Beautyberries ripen in the same order that they bloom ~from the insides of the branches out.

Even 'Diamond Frost' Euphorbia has perked up a little from the rain. Rudbeckia 'Goldstrurm's blooms have been munched pretty badly this year. I made an effort to show you a better looking bloom.

Verbena aff xutha is a textural delight that has taken off blooming in the past week.

Feather Reed Grass blooms in front of an overgrown section of the big bed that is mostly full of 'Fireworks' Goldenrod and Hawkweed. A red accent comes from Malvaviscus, Turk's Cap.


So... when's your favorite time to shoot?


  1. What beautiful shots! I love your crape myrtle images.Here mine dies back in the cold winters so it has to some back every spring and remains a bush rather than a tree but it was a beautiful bush this summer with so many blooms. I think Beautyberry bushes are so gorgeous.Love the purple berries on yours.

  2. Great shots. I love early morning and late evening light. Carla

  3. Hi it is my first time here, came in via Meg and Ryan's. You have lovely very natural photos there. Now when you asked of the time to shoot, my answer is everytime when i have the camera. Although of course when it is intentionally done, it has to be in the very early morning and late afternoon. thanks.

  4. Hi Andrea~ I visited your blog and your photos are fabulous!