Thursday, July 29, 2010

Blasted Garden(Snowflurry in July)

It's not just me~ since the beginning of June this summer has been a real scorcher. The garden is crying out for attention that I can't give it. There will be casualties but some recent rain has helped many plants revive and a few plants are just survivors anyway.

A little Verbena 'Snowflurry' in July is a wonderful thing. This plant amazes me with its transient nature. It dies out here and pops up there with fresh blooming plants appearing at any time of the year~ willy nilly,lol.

This is what I would expect to see thriving in this weather. This sedum was a special trade with Gardenweb friend Nancedar. I'm afraid I haven't labeled it so its identity is in question. Have yet to see blooms from this one.

You can't keep a good wildflower down. Rudbeckia triloba is a welcome sight with fresh blooms and a visitor.

The bronze fennel has been a pleasure this year for the gardener and the insects. Black Swallowtail caterpillars in all stages were feasting on Tuesday morning.

A little less than perfect but the bees still love the Bog Sage~ Salvia uliginosa.

My casualties from last year's round of new plants from Plant Delights Nursery were numerous~ this new ironweed, Vernonia lettermannii was not among them.

The last of my Bachman seedlings to bloom~ this was the last flower:(

and the Energizer Bunny award for daylilies this year goes to 'Cripple Creek'~ I can't praise this one enough. Mwah!


  1. I'm adding some of the Cripple Creek daylily to my wishlist!

  2. Great pictures of some pretty blooms! The creatures are awfully cute! We need some of your summer heat. I am afraid that in my garden, I can be the main victim - I will suffer without tomatoes which are suffering without high temperatures!

  3. I love that daylily! I would have very little color were it not for the rudbeckias that thrive here! The summer has been brutal. gail