Monday, July 13, 2009

Now where was I? Oh, April! LOL

I guess it would be an understatement to say that I haven't been a very good blogger. When it comes to my hobbies I pretty much have OCD and the O part has been at Zazzle since my last post. Life goes on in the garden though thankfully and I thought I would hit some highlights from where I left off.

This purple iris is a passalong from my mom that has been in my pot ghetto for at least a couple of years. I had no idea what color it was so I was thrilled when it blessed me with flowers this year in one of my favorite colors.

I have to say that this shrub has not been my favorite but I did notice this year that the flowers have a sweet cotton candy fragrance if you seek it out.

Viburnum pragense 'Decker' blooming 4.18.09

This Japanese Maple is located just off my deck where it's backlit by the morning sun. Taking pictures of it is irresistable. This is one of my favorites for this year taken on Easter morning.

The frilly flowers of Dianthus 'Bath's Pink' which are very fragrant. I have a love- hate realtionship with this plant because of it's frequent need for division which is a rather messy affair.

It's my intention during the dog days of summer to catch up on what I missed but here's a little taste of what's blooming now~ a Crocosmia that I got at a Dave's Garden Round Up last July. This year's RU is next Saturday and I'm really looking forward to it.

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  1. I thought I had left a comment already! -- Lovely pictures. That's a beautiful iris. I love the pink shade of the leaves of the Japanese Maple.