Monday, July 27, 2009

High Summer

I realize now that to catch up on garden pics after a 3 month hiatus is futile- at least during the growing season. Maybe it will be fun to revisit what I missed when winter comes again. Heat has finally arrived in full force this weekend. I have to allow at least 15 to 20 minutes now for my camera lens to defog in the mornings.

Since I have failed to add almost any summer annuals this year, the garden is a little drab with high notes only here and there. This ornamental oregano has been very well behaved so far~ Origanum 'Rosenkuppel'.

This is the third bloom stalk this year on Crinum powellii 'Alba'

The last bloom of the year on this clump of Daylily 'Dream Catcher'~ a favorite Ned Roberts hybrid.

The beginning of bloom for this Pineapple Lily which blooms from the bottom of the stalk up.

A friend ID'd this guy as a Halloween Pennant dragonfly. I just love the coloring. He's resting on a spent larkspur.

Reflexed hybrid rain lily ~ Zephyranthes 'Confection' opened on a rainy day and I took this photo that evening after work.

This image will be available in many incarnations in my Zazzle Gallery. I was caught without a battery for my usual camera on this morning and grabbed DH's new Nikon D90 for this pic of Bog Sage and the ever present bees.

Ffo on Anisacanthus quadrifidus var wrightii~ courtesy of the D90.

As a finale I have a favorite shot from May of a Rugosa rose that a friend grew from seed with Bearded Iris and Gulf Coast Penstemon in the background.


  1. That Rain Lily is well-named. It really does look like confectionary. It's lovely. I like the shot of the rugosa too.

    Is Ned Roberts the hybridizer you've been collecting?

  2. I have been collecting Ned Roberts daylilies but I think you're thinking about John Lambert. Brian Mahieu is a favorite too(and Elizabeth Shooter and Jan Joiner,LOL)I have a one gallon size 'Dream Catcher' to trade along with 'Elegant Candy' and 'Velvet Shadows' if you're interested.

  3. Of course! ;) Let me know what you would like.

    I will have to look up these hybridizers, lol.

    Which hybridizer gave you the seeds? Is that John Lambert? Some of those daylilies bloomed this spring.

  4. Those seeds came from Charlie Baker of Mississippi(if I remember correctly). He's not a big commercial hybridizer but he has registered some daylilies.

  5. OK, so it IS Charlie Baker. Several of the crosses are from the daylily Charlie Baker. I think four of mine bloomed this spring; one looked really nice, a good purple color.

    Is there a hybridizer you like that tends to produce the gold and raspberry daylilies?