Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Upon Closer Inspection...

... the gardener sees the little things that can't be seen by passers by. At a glance my garden is all grasses and mums and asters. With a second glance you might notice Salvia 'Indigo Spires' and maybe Salvias 'Cherry Chief' and 'Hot Lips'. Just a stroll around the corner would reveal the blue flowers of Salvia 'Black and Blue' which survive but do not thrive in my garden and are therefore special.

A deeper look reveals that newbie Salvia disjuncta is gonna produce at least a couple of blooms before the first freeze.

Of course the tiny inhabitants are not noticed unless you look closely...

nor is the lone flower of the ambitious bindweed that has survived on this site since it was farmland.

As the gardener I am truly blessed to be able to see these things and so much more simply by walking out of my back door.


  1. Hello,

    I always smile whenever I see a post with Salvias in it. I just love their delicate flowers and their colors.

  2. What a great pic of the spider web! Such a beautiful garden :-)

  3. We gardeners are absolutely lucky to see all we see outside our doors! Love the spider web! Brilliant capture! gail

  4. Yes, it's fun to discover plants about to bloom, especially early spring and late fall, and I get excited over spider webs.

    Our bindweeds have smaller flowers, and they are white. Your bloom looks like a morning glory, which some consider to be weeds.

    I enjoyed your photos.

  5. Very gorgeous. The spider web is such a nice shot and beautiful flowers. :)

  6. Salvias are a joy in the garden. Have your butterflies left for the season?

  7. Such beautiful photos ... I love to see the bugs! The web is spectacular.

  8. Thanks you to all for your comments!

    Sue- whether or not our weeds are considered bindweed or morning glory I'm not sure. The plants are all in the same family. These colorful blooms in shades from pinky purple to deep blue are seen on the roadsides/field edges everywhere in these parts. Our "yard" was covered with them when we came here 12 years ago.

    Nell Jean- I had the opportunity to be here briefly yesterday mid morning and saw an American Painted Lady and Buckeye on the tall mums. I haven't seen any Swallowtails in quite a while though.

  9. You still have a few pretty flowers blooming. Mine are cu-putt ;-)I have saw the black and blue salvia from other postings and just love it.

  10. Beautiful lighting in your pictures. As much as I love the Salvia Black and Blue, I also long for a purple salvia to go with it, so I really like the purple shadings in your photo.

    Great picture of the spiderweb. The spent flower stalks on either side (Indigo Spires?) look like strings of beads.