Sunday, November 15, 2009

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day- November 2009

Even with such a mild autumn this Bloom Day finds the garden pretty disheveled. Our first killing frost~just barely~ was last Saturday morning and was followed shortly by four straight days of rain/wind/gloom caused by the remnants of Hurricane Ida which morphed into a Nor'easter and a half.

This was Chrysanthemum 'Single Apricot Korean' aka 'Sheffield Pink' last Saturday morning.

And here it is yesterday~ sporting some cute insects:)

A couple of new buds and flowers remain.

These sweet little flowers belong to Tinantia pringlei, Spotted Wandering Jew. I had a hard time getting a good picture yesterday but I had to try to post this neat little plant. It's still in a pot since I'm going to try to overwinter it in the garage. I planted one of these last fall and lost it so I'll try a spring planting for this one.

Verbena 'Snowflurry' is a transient in my garden ~ it seeds around at will but the plants don't have a long life. I've just been sharing and moving the seedlings around. This one is peaking now.

Rudbeckia triloba has a few flowers dotted around on young plants. My laziness has ensured that I will have legions of these next year.

My noid aster was the last to bloom and the prettiest still.

The Muhly grass still has some color.

The tall mums are looking a little the worse for the weather but are still a pleasant sight probably just from the size of the clump.

Celosia spicata doesn't show much sign of the frost and still has a few seeds for me to collect.

The Mexican Bush Sage only has its showy bracts remaining. I couldn't resist showing off this colorful autumn bokeh.

I'm pleased to see the winter foliage of Lycoris radiata making an apperance. I had no bloom from any of my Lycoris this year but from what I've heard the genus is rather fickle that way. Here it is with the few remaining Aromatic aster blooms.

I'm sure that I'll see some sporadic blooming from Dianthus and the verbena as winter approaches but what makes me happiest is seeing the signs of next year's garden already sprouting:)

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  1. Pity about your terrible weather! Hope it improves for you.
    It's nearly summer here down-under :-) and I'm lovin it!
    Have a great week!!

  2. Beautiful shots of the aster and the Mexican Bush Sage. You should think about entering the first shot in the 'End of the Line' contest hosted by Gardening Gone Wild.
    How about swapping a start of your mystery aster for Miss Bessie? I don't know if Miss Bessie will hold anything up, since she can fall over a bit herself (especially if she gets a lot of food and moisture).

  3. I love daisy-like flowers. Your plants are still lovely, despite the bad weather you have been having. I hope the weather clears up soon.

  4. Your snowy daisies are cheery and I love your sage photo with the lovely orange background! Very nice. Carol

  5. So, yours was one of the areas affected by the storms. I'm glad it's over, and it sounds like you came out OK.

    I saw those mums on another GBBD post. I sure like them. I love the photo of the white verbena. Yes our little larkspurs are up, too.

  6. Hopefully you can dry out soon! It all looks pretty nice, despite the sogginess.

  7. Wonderful shots!!I love your photos..beautiful light ..the flowers look gorgeous!Great post!

  8. in Portland OR, we know RAIN. you have zeroed in on some gems here...glad I found you (thanks to Carol).

  9. Some great photos of your remaining blooms. I love the new seedlings ready for the spring, too. They are exciting to spot.

  10. Thanks to everyone for your kind comments:)

    Sweetbay- I hope the noid aster has increased enough to share next year. I can hardly believe that we haven't swapped anything this year:)

    ricki- I'm glad you found me too! I'm sure that you are MUCH more accustomed to persistant rain than I am, lol.

  11. Hi...What a nice bloom day posting. Isn't it wonderful to have this much still going on in a Nov garden! I can only id a few of the native asters in my garden~~but, that never diminishes the enjoyment. Love, love, love celosia! What a great plant in bloom or gone to seed. gail