Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Keeping It Real

Like all other garden bloggers I take alot of pictures of my garden. I want the glamour shots as much as anyone does but this post is more about the garden the way it really is- imperfections and all.

This is a good example of what the weekend was like here. Sunday was cold and windy with drizzle on and off all day.

My noid aster that was supposed to be Climbing Aster. It appears to be a variety of Aromatic Aster.

This Groundsel bush seeded into a foundation bed right at the corner of my house. I'll probably have to get rid of it after this season because of its size but I really like this native and I'm enjoying it this year. At least I now know what a young one looks like for future reference.

This is what the individual volunteer Georgia Asters look like- not much of a statement but still irresistable to me.

The spring show has been meager on this Forsythia but I really love the fall color.

A distant view of Chrysanthemum 'Single Apricot Koren' from a cross the big bed.

More Swamp Sunflower:)

This Muhly pic is from Monday 10.19- we had a light frost this morning(10.20). Arrggh- here's hoping!

This Nolina suffered some winter damage and was bedraggled for much of the season this year. I'm glad to see it looking this good with a bonus self seeded Aromatic aster as a companion.

My offering of wabi-sabi: Hibiscus grandiflorus.

For a more polished views of the flowers in my garden stay tuned...


  1. What a beautiful post...the natural beauty when captured ..is most impressive..you've certainly done that !!and honored the pure natural state of flowers and all....thankyou for sharing such gorgeous photos!

  2. I really enjoyed this post. I think my favorite photo is the first one showing your Asters against the stormy sky.

  3. I hope your muhly goes ahead and opens. If you like Groundsel Trees you'd be in heaven here. lol We have about a gazillion. It's definitely best as a specimen tree.

  4. Oh it is all lovely! I like to see the real garden shots too, and love your asters, aromatic is a bonus! The pink mum looks like the sheffies, Sheffield Pink, aka Korean apricot, among other names. One of the very best hard mums and distinguishable by its apricot hue. Lucky you! :-)

  5. Your garden is very lovely and I cannot see any imperfections but then that is always the gardeners privilege... in my view I see many blooms more than I have... and a very tidy garden. If this is imperfection I cannot wait to see what you consider better. I love your last shot of the seed pod! Carol