Monday, October 12, 2009

Autumn Continued...

I can barely believe that it is almost mid October. All the usual signs are present but I keep wondering... did this bloom this late last year? It could frost anytime you know. It would be early but very possible. Hurry up mums! Unfurl Muhly! I have a new aster to ID that's still only budded( was labeled Climbing Aster but is not- it's just tall,lol).

This aging Eucomis definately looks like late fall. The golden hues complement the Blue Oak Sage which is finally starting its fall show.

I've titled this shot- "Why I Love the Fall Garden"

The Swamp Sunflower is crowded I think- I'll remove the giants after they're done blooming to make room for the continuous spread.

Autumn Sunshine

I can finally stop lamenting on no Monarch sightings this year. I saw this one from my back door floating high above the big bed. I grabbed the camera and went in search, finding it just in time to get one shot before it went on its way.

Muhly watch: it's unflurling ever so slowly.

Happy Columbus Day!


  1. I am so glad you were able to get the picture with the Monarch. As always, your garden is beautiful.

  2. I saw a lone Monarch braving the rain today. They are so beautiful. My M. filipes is just opening now too. The Swamp Sunflowers and asters are really stars of the show right now. They make me wish that fall would never end.

  3. The monarchs seem to be gone from here. I enjoyed your lovely blooms.

  4. Monarchs and Muhly, it doesn't get any better! That Eucomis is magnificent, didn't realize they had that fall show, thanks! :-)

  5. I am so glad the monarch stopped and waited for you to get your camera! It's a lovely shot. I am trying Climbing Aster! It bloomed and looks like all the other native asters...let's see if she climbs! gail