Saturday, March 21, 2009

And so it begins

It was a beautiful day for the first Saturday in Spring. My garden is not a Spring peaking garden as is the norm in this part of NC. I have very few early bloomers. It may be that I'm just too far behind everyone else when it comes to maintenance. I'm not very fond of cold weather and we can have some pretty cold (and strong) winds here right on thru April. This clump of daffs is a division from my mom and was very unceremoniously heeled in during warm weather- luckily they survived and are working their own way to the depth they want to be. Gotta love them,lol.

One of the best things about early Spring is the color provided by weeds. I think this may be a Veronica but I'm not sure. It's plentiful in my neighborhood making the roadside right of ways a lavender border.

I have not had very good luck with low growing Verbenas over the years. 'Homestead Purple' is virtually a weed for most people here but I think I may have killed it overwinter yet again. I think I may have finally found a winner in Verbena 'Snowflurry'- which is really just a white version of V. canadensis that luckily reseeds true. My slackness in putting out mulch makes my garden a good one for reseeders. These are it's first flowers of this year.

And last but not least is this beautiful Hellebore. A treasure from a plant swap- I always thought that I did not have enough shade for Hellebores but I am so glad I brought this one home:-)

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